FRUTTETO (ORCHARD) Section – 1st Prize Golden Rake
À la chasse (On the Hunt) by Akihiro Hata, France 2016
For the narrative development that allows the audience to get involved and understand a world in its entirety. For the ability of telling humanity and conflicts that cross it while talking about a rural microcosm.

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE "Maria Adriana Prolo" – Golden Hoe
Sredi chernih voln (Among the Black Waves) by Anna Budanova, Russia 2016
For the ability to alienate but at the same time to immerse the spectator within an unconventional rural context. For the quality of the animation and the sound that modernize an ancient legend.

AUDIENCE PRIZE – Golden Shovel
Ins Holz (In the Woods) by Thomas Horat and Corina Schwingruber Ilic, Switzerland 2017

GERMOGLI (BUDS) - Golden Watering Can
Habitat by Marcel Barelli, Switzerland 2016

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