FRUTTETO (ORCHARD) Section – 1st Prize Golden Rake
The Land, Hung-En Su, Taiwan 2017, 20’
A Taiwanese story with a universal value. The picture of a moment of transition between the centuries-old agricultural economy and the irreversible processes towards “progress”. Different and divergent destinies, generational transitions within the same family, between secular traditions, ancestral rituals and the hope of a future no longer anchored to the hard work of the land. But also with the doubts and fears of forever changing the natural and harmonious rhythms given by nature.

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE "Maria Adriana Prolo" – Golden Hoe

Sauekongen (The Sheep King), Knut August Svisdal, Norway 2017, 10’
To remind us that the priority of each of us is to find our right place in the world, making sure to spend our days doing what we like to do. As the wife of the protagonist says: “better a happy farmer than a sad professor”. With the wish to the film director and the film crew to be happy doing cinema.

AUDIENCE PRIZE – Golden Shovel

Ato San Nen, Pedro Collantes, France, Spain 2017, 25’

GERMOGLI (BUDS) - Golden Watering Can

Polvere sottile, Alessandra Boatto, Gloria Cianci, Sofia Zanonato, Italy 2018, 8’

PREMIO SAME - among mechanics and agriculture

Trahere, Juš Jeraj, Atila Urbancic, Slovenia 2017, 10’
Men and tractors. The poetical and shared gaze of the authors transforms the main character from a useful technical machine to work the land in a passionate and huge passion, into a cult object to which people give care, time and absolute dedication. A cult object that even deserves a benediction.

Special jury mention
El Afilador, James Casey, Mexico, USA 2017, 7’
For having been able to tell a love story in an original way, combining the essential set-up with a clever use of sound and a strongly expressive acting, able to obtain a strong emotional impact.

Special jury mention (ex aequo)

Fish Story, Charlie Lyne, UK 2017, 14’
Fantasia, Teemu Nikki, Finland 2016, 10’
For the originality of the cinematographic language.

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