When her only employee leaves for better opportunities, Viktorìa struggles to run the family farm by herself, as the times have changed around her. The farm, having been in her family for generations, and a place once robust with life, has perhaps become a thing of the past.

*Italian premiere


of Brúsi Ólason
Iceland, Usa, 2018
Length: 12'
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Brúsi Ólason grew up on a farm just outside of the town Selfoss in the south of Iceland. In 2015 Brúsi graduated from the University of Iceland where he majored in lm studies and minored in creative writing. Soon he applied for a Film MFA at Columbia University in New York where he currently studies directing. In his films, Bruúsi explores themes such as relationships, communication and the unstoppable urge to connect with other human beings and how we fail or succeed to do so.

Brúsi Ólason
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