And the winners are…

The 12th edition of the Rural Film Festival ends here. A festival that “perfumes of stable” – as someone wrote – and that continues to tell rurality today, in Italy and in the world.
This year we celebrated an important comeback, the one of the section “Mietitura” for medium and feature-length films, which we abandoned for a few editions – with regret – for a mere matter of timing. The films we want to present and make known to our audience are many and this year there will be more opportunities, also in the coming months.
Once again we succeeded in organizing many events lived “on the field” together. Not only films but also people: resistant local beekeepers and, with them, local producers and friends.
A lot of public and also many people on our waiting lists: in these still difficult moments we were unable to find a seat for everyone. Better times will be back, those of our amazing screenings in stables, of sold out theaters in Ameno and Miasino, of the Cinema Sociale in Omegna packed of people.
In the meantime, we are here and we resist. Thanks to you and to those who believe in us.
Thanks to the volunteers. Thanks to all the “rural friends” in Omegna. Thanks to everyone who supports us. Thanks to Fondazione CRT, Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale Italia-Svizzera, Fondazione Cariplo, Regione Piemonte, Comune di Ameno, Comune di Miasino, Città di Omegna, ATL della Provincia di Novara, Ricola, SDF Archivio Storico, S.O.M.S. Omegna, La Stampa, 1977, Touring Club Italiano, Cineforum Omegna, Forum Omegna, Parco della Fantasia Gianni Rodari, Biblioteca Civica di Omegna, Consorzio Nebbioli Alto Piemonte, Lago d’Orta Plastic Revolution, Amossola, Consorzio Maggiore, Apiario d’Autore, Comune di Borgomanero, Italgrafica.

Here are the award-winning films of the 12th edition. See you in the upcoming weeks at one of the many OFF events scheduled. Keep an eye on this website and on our social networks – HERE you can find the news we continuously keep updated with all events.

Three Meetings of the Extraordinary Committee, Jones, UK, Bulgaria 2020, 18′
For the caustic irony with which the meetings of a small extraordinary committee become a metaphor of the great changes in contemporary societies, transforming the voices outside the chorus into gears of the system.

Du Iz Tak?, Galen Fott, USA 2018, 11′
For bringing with a delicate look into the perennial cycle of nature and for the use of an incomprehensible language that reaches those who know how to listen in a simple and universal way.

Pishto’s Birthday, Sofia Kendel, Russia 2020, 11′
Through the strokes, colours and contrasts of animation, it illustrates the lights and shadows of a turbulent phase such as adolescence.

Mars, Oman, Vanessa Del Campo, Belgium 2019, 20′
For the ability to show how two apparently apart worlds coexist in a poetic balance within the same place.

Barê Giran (The Heavy Burden), Yılmaz Özdil, Turkey 2019, 17′

Servis (The School Bus), Ramazan Kılıç, Turkey 2019, 14′
For the story of a world in which the private agricultural machinery is placed at the service of the Community.

Sparkekoret (The Kicksled Choir), Torfinn Iversen, Norway 2020, 18′
A collective point of view on the life in a small community of the Arctic Circle. The lonely and hard existence of a Norwegian farmer clashes and meets the loneliness of a refugee. The thread that links their lives is made apparent by a singing child.

Sopravvissuti all’Homo sapiens, Paolo Rossi, Nicola Rebora, Italy 2021, 19′
For the uncontaminated gaze without human interference on wildlife.

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