Aglaé la pipelette

Aglae is a real chatterbox and especially loves to share her thoughts with her friends. But the
problem is, she doesn't give them a chance to speak.

*Italian premiere

Aglaé la pipelette
by Pascale Hecquet
Belgium, France , 2018


Pascale Hecquet. Graphic designer, illustrator and animated filmmaker, Pascale Hecquet
has written eight short films which have received many prizes at film festivals all over the
world. Her aim is both to make people laugh and to offer a light-hearted approach to some
issues that are important for children, such as solidarity, sharing and family values.
Filmography: “The Penguin” (2016, 5')”, “The Runaway Biscuit” (2016, 8'), “The Law of the
Jungle” (2015, 6'), “The Giant Carrot” (2013, 6'), “Duo de Volailles, sauce chasseur” (2011,
6’), “La Légende du chou” (2009, 9’30), “Une girafe sous la pluie” (2007 12’10).

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