Die Rückkehr der Wölfe

The wolf is a very controversial subject in the present days throughout the Alps. Thomas Horat’s film is an important contribution to this discussion. In the XIX century, wolves disappeared from many areas in Europe, considered a fearsome predator, rejected by mankind because it was considered dangerous for human activities. Now it is slowly coming back, and this return is causing much talk. A journey in search of clues to learn more about an intelligent and social animal. The documentary reflects on several levels, examining opinions and points of view from different places around the world: from Switzerland to Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland and the United States. Who is the wolf? How and where does it live? What is its role in our ecosystem? Where does the fear of wolves come from? Are wolves really dangerous to humans? Is coexistence possible? Does man have the right to determine which animals can live with him and which cannot? Wolf experts, naturalists and shepherds try to answer all these questions.

Die Rückkehr der Wölfe
(Wolves return)

by Thomas Horat
Switzerland 2020


Thomas Horat is a autodidact filmmaker: he began his career in 2003 with his first documentary Wätterschmöcker, which, together with his second film Alpsummer, was successfully screened in many Swiss cinemas and won several awards in the United States. His short film Ins Holz (selected in Corto e Fieno) was nominated for the Swiss Movie Award and won over fifteen awards around the world. Thomas currently works as a director and sound engineer. He also sometimes acts as a distributor and producer to support short films and independent productions.

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