Punk prima di te

Named after Enrico Ruggieri’s song “Punk prima di te”, when this film begins we find ourselves on a flat piece of land in the country where an enclave of “alternatives” resists society and manages to live through the mass depersonalization of our day. They lived through the year 1977, with its explosion of punk, only by reflex. Their concept of “no future” is enlightened by the desire to live in the moment. Their dream about an utopian London took root in the community decades ago. They would like to leave, but they remain year after year… Their strong attachment to their roots is too innate and strongly rooted in their worldview for them to face a real separation head-on. Thus they continue to work the land, but with the punk spirit ever on their skin and in their hearts. 

Punk prima di te
by Serena Zanardi
Italy, 2011


Serena Zanardi lives and works between Genova and Ferrara. She has a degree in sculpture from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara and another in photography from the CFP Bauer in Milan. She spends her time between photography and sculpture, paying special attention to the relationships between bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional art, reality and fantasy. Together with Alessandro Marzola, she created the group ADM, which works on site-specific projects, installations, audio and video performances. Their research aims to create a point of contact and open dialogue on places, objects and people, so that individuals can explain their own apparently normal realities in an ironic and sometimes dreamlike way. They hope to encourage the public to reflect and try to understand what lies beneath the surface, evoking various sensations, as well as the intrinsic beauty of things.

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