Piano, piano, piano! Un cavallo nell’attività forestale

A model Italian Norian horse is once again used in the forest to transport wooden logs downstream. This scene doesn’t represent a scene from folklore, ma rather it is a testimony to the return of knowledgeable farmers and their notions of classic agronomy. If you remember being jealous of classmates who ate the Buondì brioches from Motta as a child, you will now envy those same classmates for their unique, special relationship with nature.

Piano, piano, piano! Un cavallo nell’attività forestale
by Marco Tessaro
Italy, 2012


Marco Tessaro has been collaborating on environmental analysis and communication projects since 2000, working with park authorities, nature conservation associations, and other territorial subjects including land, provinces, and museums. Recently he has occupied himself mainly with the creation of a video documentary promoting regional ecology (also in a historical sense), the protection of biodiversity, degrowth, and the importance of remembering the history of one’s hometown.

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