An art film based on the dreamlike cycle of nature.

*The film was realized for the special project and competition RESIDENZE IN VIDEO | SEGNINCORTO – Valle Camonica / Heritage and Landscape, organized together with the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica – managing the Cultural District and coordinating the UNESCO site and MAB (Man and Biosphere) area – and our partners of Borgo degli Artisti in Bienno (BS). The project is dedicated to the lovely memory of Pierfausto Bettoni, inspirer and tireless animator of Borgo degli Artisti who first brought with conviction and enthusiasm Corto e Fieno to Valle Camonica.

by Nicola Ballarini
Italy 2020


Nicola Ballarini, born in 1986, works with video, sculpture, and drawing. He collaborates with the Camonica Valley Cultural District, a young and vital association, which aims to shed light on the cultural value of the Camonica Valley. In the past, Ballarini has collaborated with numerous social and cultural associations, created drawings based on the music of Alessio Bertallot, the celebrated Rai Tunes DJ, and illustrated children’s books, including “Quaderni della Valle Camonica” of the publishing house Corraini. He gave new life to abandoned walls in various European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia, and above all the Slavgorod Pediatric Hospital in Belarus. He created “Il Mondo di Zurla” (Zurla’s World), a collage of 1500 mini-videos based on the compositions of the avant-garde musical group WK569, in order to represent human diversity – our own diversity. Sergio Staino writes of Ballarini: “His drawings are minimal and simplistic but not at all naïve; as a whole, quite an interesting body of work”. Ballarini’s latest work, created under the curation of Nicola Mafessoni, curator of the Massimo Minini Gallery in Brescia and Loom Gallery in Milano, is characterized by its minimalism and curiosity towards drawing, sculpture, and traditional animation. A new language he uses to describe his world made of paper and strange arrow-shaped noses.

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