Jeans e Martò

This film tells the story of Roba Bulga Jilo, a young Ethiopian shepherd who escapes from his villages a marriage arranged by his family in order to live his dream of studying at a university. “Jeans & Martò” follows Roba for three years, in his difficult journey into both adulthood and modernity. Despite the many difficulties he faces, there is no caesura with the past: his desire to learn coexists – in the narrative metaphor: the jeans he must wear when he lives in the city – with nostalgia for his tribe’s traditional customs – with the martò, traditional Karrayu Oromo clothing, which he wears when returns to his village.

Jeans e Martò
by Claudia Palazzi and Clio Sozzani
Italy, 2011


Clio Sozzani is an anthropologist and director. She worked in Africa since 2005 with an international collaboration, producing institutional footage.

Claudia Palazzi has work in the cinematographic and television industry since 2005. She has collaborated with many of the major national networks (Rai2, Italia 1, Fox, Sky cinema, …).

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